About us

Rire Fétiche a brand that offers a joyful fashion in an always more "feel-good" and "human-friendly" spirit.
Our concept?
Limited edition pieces designed in France by our designer Jeka Amouzou and handmade exclusively in Togo in West Africa!
In this approach, Jeka (THE BOSS) wanted to share with the world the know-how of the Kente weaving and the confection of clothes printed in WAX used on the spot to create usually the loincloth, emblematic African dress!
A know-how :
A reserve of wax is applied by means of two rolls of copper on which are engraved the basic patterns, then the fabric is dipped in an indigo dye. Boards are used to print secondary colors directly. This printing technique allows the fabric to bathe in the dye, the wax is as bright on the front as on the back, without backing, does not rub off and its colors have an exceptional hold.
With us, you will find "fresh" and "ethical" clothes made with passion by our Togolese Artisans!
Our mantra "little by little cotton becomes a loincloth"
Our pleasure?
Build beautiful relationships, make great encounters to offer you clothes of a higher quality.
Each piece Rire Fétiche tells a story, a mix of laughs, palaver and know-how ...
With gratitude and joy.
Team Rire Fétiche